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My team stronger than yours! @trinarockstarr @2thepointmusic

Thanks to @therealkfoxx @djepps @djbuttleproof @whoissteviej @1035thebeat appreciate the support!! @trinarockstarr #fucklove feat @tlanez


#Nowplaying @TRINArockstarr’s F**k Love - currently at number 16 on the @Billboard @Twitter Trending 140 chart http://realtime.billboard.com/positionlink/?chart=trending140&hash=MhAABrO1AAAAAFQl2hEK8QFjV9M_98—g

Still da baddest to ever do it!
@trinarockstarr Album coming 2015
New single “F*** Love” feat @tlanez #fucklove

#currentsituation @trinarockstarr @99jamz @FelishaMonet “Fuck Love” #weworking

@biglipbandit had me dying laughing @trinarockstarr #FUCKLOVE @power96 @thelucylopez @lucylopez

Live in the studio @TRINArockstarr @theLUCYLOPEZ @BigLipMiami @Power965 #FUCKLOVE featuring @Tlanez

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