Jullian Boothe aka Juboy


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At the Gala #newfriends

The difference between POWER and MONEY. Power shuts down a show for week because you make fun for my baby. #bey #hov

Check the lil homies Da Pretty Boyz Vevo premiere “Butt Naked Nasty”

Future business deals in action @trinarockstarr @2thepointmusic

Proud of the big homie @iamroicolove #hardworkpaysoff

For these upcoming Artists whose egos are bigger than their buzz and sales and those who make it And quickly forget how they got there.

Branding meeting with @miamisubs @pitbull #chickenwings

S/O to all my partners Richie, DJ, @pitbull and the entire staff. Very exciting for the entire team as the brand grows. @miamisubs @miamigrill #blessing

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